Getting to York U

Heading to an event at York U during the Games? Plan ahead and explore your options

To help reduce traffic, congestion and avoid delays you should consider the following tips:

  • Consider a different mode of transportation such as public transit, carpooling, cycling etc.
  • The Ministry of Transportation has developed an new trip planner for the Games. It provides information on roads to avoid, HOV lanes, road closures, etc., so that people can travel safely, reliably and efficiently throughout the region.
  • Metrolinx has launched an interactive cross-regional transit trip planner, and is your best tool to plan your transit journey.
  • If you carpool, you can use the temporary HOV lanes to get around more efficiently and spend less time stuck in traffic. To find carpooling partners, match trips and more, please go to the Smart Commute website

Directions to York U

Are you taking transit or driving to campus? Refer to the links below for directions to get to us.

4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1P3

Parking and Road Notices on York U's campus

The University is working diligently to minimize the level of parking and road disruptions during the Games. Please refer to the Parking and Road Notices pages for further information to plan your trip on to campus.

York U Games map